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Skier-To-Skier Accidents Can Be Some Of The Most Dangerous

Many people who live and visit Colorado love to enjoy the fresh mountain air and gorgeous scenery through the sport of skiing. The ski resorts and snowy conditions present most of the year make the state one of the top destinations for skiing in the United States. Unfortunately, not everyone on the slopes is cautious and aware of others, and skiing accidents are common.

An accident on the slopes can result in everything from minor cuts and bruises to significant and life-altering injuries initiating a ski injury lawsuit. Since Rietz Law Firm‘s founding in 2000, our experienced Summit County ski accident lawyers have assisted parties to ski collision lawsuits in understanding their legal options and resolving cases involving skier-to-skier accidents.

How Do Ski Accidents Happen?

In many cases, ski accidents are preventable. In any event, skiers are responsible for being safe and using caution when on the slopes. Some of the most common reasons for ski accidents include the following:

  • Skiing too fast through crowded areas
  • Failure to give the right of way to another skier
  • Obstructing a trail or path
  • Failure to look and yield when trails merge

Ski Accidents Can Result In Significant And Costly Injuries

These resulting injuries may require significant medical care, rehabilitation and other types of support. The types of injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Catastrophic or disabling injuries
  • Internal damage
  • Head trauma and various types of brain injuries
  • Injuries that result in the victim’s death

Free Case Evaluations For Skiing Accidents

Results are what drive our team, and our attorneys will tenaciously fight to reach your goals. We understand ski accidents can be complex, yet difficult and challenging cases do not deter us or prevent us from advocating for our clients’ rights at every step. Rietz Law Firm is proud to offer free initial case evaluations. If you would like to learn about your legal options, contact our firm by email or by calling 970-368-2349 to make an appointment. We represent clients throughout Summit County.