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Attorneys And Avid Skiers Who Care About Safety On The Slopes

At Rietz Law Firm in Summit County, we are a team of experienced personal injury attorneys dedicated to seeking results for clients involved in various types of accidents. We have several ski enthusiasts on our team, and while we care about your legal needs, we also care deeply about skiing safety.

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in the state, and Colorado is well-renowned for beautiful mountains and ideal ski conditions. As a result, there may be tourists, inexperienced skiers, locals and lifelong skiers all sharing the slopes at the same time. Safety is critical, and lack of concern over basic precautions can have devastating consequences. Call Rietz Law Firm at 970-368-2349 to learn more about ski safety or to discuss resulting litigation.

Ski And Snowboard Safety Tips

As skiers who enjoy being active and enjoying the outdoors, we understand the importance of staying safe while on the slopes. In addition to seeking adequate instruction and taking time to practice before setting off, here are a few safety tips for skiing:

  1. Take care to learn the rules of the slopes before skiing.
  2. Move cautiously and carefully when skiing in heavily populated areas.
  3. Be aware of merging trails and learn to properly yield to other skiers.
  4. Pay close attention to all trail signs.
  5. Use the right equipment.

Disregarding ski safety rules and being reckless can lead to accidents that result in serious, if not life-threatening, injuries and damage. Remembering the dangers of skiing can help keep you and other skiers safe while enjoying fresh powder and heading down the slopes.

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Our lawyers protect your interests in sports accidents. We are experienced in handling these cases and assisting organizations affected by litigation. Call us in Dillon at 970-368-2349 or contact us here to learn more.