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What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Accidents

Colorado motorcyclists choose to ride motorcycles because they love the freedom of the open road, the beautiful scenery and the economic benefits of this mode of transportation. However, there are risks associated with riding motorcycles, and at Rietz Law Firm in Summit County, we care about your safety.

There are certain steps you can take to make sure you are safe while riding a motorcycle. You can wear a helmet and other protective gear to shield you from burns and reduce the chance of a serious injury in the event of an accident. Our lawyers are genuinely concerned with safety on the road. Turn to our experienced team if you need guidance or support when dealing with the aftermath of a serious motorcycle accident and resulting litigation. Call us at 970-368-2349 for a free evaluation of your legal needs.

Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents

People riding on motorcycles know they are especially vulnerable in the event of an accident. They have to be especially vigilant to avoid collisions with other motorists who may not know how to safely share the road. Some of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents include:

  • Bad weather and poor road conditions
  • Inexperienced motorists
  • Not always being seen by other drivers

When the steel frame of a moving vehicle collides with a motorcycle, motorcyclists and their passengers can suffer serious, if not fatal, injuries. Motorcycle accidents often lead to:

  • Brain injuries and head trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Road rash and serious skin abrasions
  • Loss of limbs
  • Catastrophic and debilitating injuries

Our motorcycle accident lawyers believe that motorcycle enthusiasts have the right to enjoy the road like any other type of motorist. We provide guidance after a collision.

Schedule Your Free Case Evaluation Today

We have the experience of a large law firm, but we offer personal service you often find at smaller firms. To learn how our motorcycle accident attorneys can assist with your legal concerns, contact us at 970-368-2349 or email to make an appointment to evaluate your needs at our office.