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What Is Construction Defect Law?

A construction defect is an issue with the construction, design or components of a structure that undermines its quality and negatively affects the owner. Our construction defect attorneys of Summit County understand the law in this area and the unique complications that can arise as a result of a construction defect. We strive to reach an effective and fair solution for our clients.

Effectively Navigating Complications From Construction Defects

Since our founding in 2000, Rietz Law Firm has dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of positive results on behalf of our clients. We offer personal service and aggressive advocacy, and complex construction law cases do not intimidate us or deter us from our motivation to serve you and protect your interests. You can call our Summit County office at 970-368-2349 to learn more.

Resolving Defects Cases

Construction defects can take many forms, and some of the most common types include:

  • Poor quality building material
  • Electrical problems
  • New home construction defects
  • Issues with site preparation
  • Expansive soils and problems that affect structural integrity

These issues can be costly to fix, but our litigation lawyers will identify which parties involved with the construction process could be liable for the issues and how best to pursue resolution of your case.

Experience Counts In Construction Defect Cases

When it is your financial security on the line, the experience of your attorney matters. When litigating construction defect cases, we work diligently to keep your costs down while fighting for a fair outcome. We seek reasonable and effective solutions in a timely manner.

Our team at Rietz Law Firm is happy to discuss your case and concerns with you. You may find it beneficial to schedule an evaluation with a construction defect lawyer in order to understand the legal options available to you regarding resolution of the construction defect case. You can call our office in Dillon at 970-368-2349 or email to make your appointment.