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Common injuries that skiers suffer

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Skiing Accidents

With ski season returning in a couple of months, many people who live in the Dillon area, as well as those who visit Colorado, are probably looking forward to hitting the ski slopes again after the long off season. Of course, as always, skiing is a risky sport, and there are some common injuries that some skiers will suffer while heading downhill this winter.

For example, torn ACLs are common skiing-related injuries. Especially since a person’s feet are partially immobilized in the skis, a sudden twist or a fall can put a lot of force on a person’s knee, and this force can, in turn, tear the ligaments. Torn ACLs will usually require knee surgery to fix and recovering from this surgery can take several months.

A skier’s shoulder is also especially prone to injury. Broken and dislocated shoulders, as well as separation of the shoulders, can happen if a skier is involved in a collision with another skier or in some other accident.

Unfortunately, some common ski injuries are potentially deadly or debilitating. A handful of skiers will, for instance, suffer major spinal cord injuries or severe head trauma that could leave them paralyzed or otherwise permanently disabled. Oftentimes, these sorts of injuries are preventable. Many times, skier-on-skier accidents happen because a skier stops in the middle of an active trail or does not have the experience to control speed and direction. Sometimes, skiers may flat out ignore posted signs and instructions or may fail to yield to those down the hill from them.