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Motorcyclist seriously injured at intersection

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcyclist traveling in another city in Colorado that is south and west of Denver suffered what police described as serious injuries after being involved in a collision at an intersection.

While certainly additional investigation will be needed, police cited the driver of the pickup truck which collided with the motorcycle. The citation was for failing to yield while attempting a left turn.

Although the motorcyclist was injured seriously, he is thankfully expected to survive. Police indicated that they had no reason to suspect that drugs or alcohol played a role in this motorcycle accident.

Police say that the motorcycle was heading east in the evening hours when the pickup truck pulled in front of it while trying to turn left. The motorcyclist was apparently unable to avoid hitting the truck, and the motorcycle wound up pinned underneath the truck.

While this accident happened in a different part of Colorado, it illustrates an important point for motorcycle riders in Dillion and in other parts of the mountains west of Denver. That point is that motorcycle accidents commonly happen at intersections when a car or, for that matter, a pickup truck tries to make a left turn.

Drivers of other vehicles are often unaware of approaching motorcyclists because they are inattentive, distracted or just not trained enough to consider motorcyclists. In other cases, a driver may see the motorcyclist but misgauge how long it will take the motorcycle to approach. As such, the driver may decide to risk making a left turn.

While these sorts of mistakes on the part of other drivers may be common, the reality is that those drivers still had an obligation to yield when making a left turn and failed to meet that obligation. If they injure a motorcyclist as a result of this carelessness, the victim may be able to obtain compensation from them.