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Young man dies while snowboarding on Colorado slope

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Sports And Recreation Law

A young man, who was only 20, died on the slope of a Colorado ski resort while he was snowboarding.

According to a report issued by the company that runs the resort, the man tried to do a jump on his snowboard and apparently landed on his head, causing a severe and ultimately fatal injury.

According to reports, the area in which the man was riding included several structures and obstacles that were supposed to be reserved for advanced snowboarders. The man was reportedly not wearing a helmet at the time of his fatal fall.

After the fall, rescuers found the man unconscious and without a pulse. Although the rescuers attempted CPR, their efforts ultimately failed. It is the first fatality during wintertime and at this resort since three years ago, when another man died from head injuries he suffered in a fall.

While there are plenty of indications that these were simply a very sad set of circumstances, the owner of this slope will nonetheless have concerns about their potential liability.

After all, a man just hitting the prime of his life died, and his loved ones are naturally going to expect something in the way of compensation. Furthermore, his death is going to be costly both in terms of out-of-pockets and in terms of other losses that are harder quantify.

Our office recognizes that sometimes, such as in a situation where two skiers collide, a victim or his or her family should receive compensation.

On the other hand, it is relatively easy to start blaming the company which runs the slope, or some other business making money in the ski industry, for an accident that really is not their fault. In these sorts of situations, it is important for these businesses to have the help of an attorney with knowledge of sports and recreation law.