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On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2018 | Sports And Recreation Law

Even those who are not from Colorado can probably guess that those who live here and who visit generally love the outdoors. With its mountains, forests and bodies of water, Colorado has plenty of things to do both during skiing season and during the offseason.

This presents important opportunities for people to make a living in the world of outdoor sporting. In addition to this state’s many ski slopes, there are lots of businesses that offer horseback riding, rafting and other activities. Additionally, there is a completely separate business for those who supply order adventurers with their apparel and equipment.

While these businesses are important for the Colorado economy, they constantly face the danger of being blamed in the event of an accident, even if they were not directly involved in its cause or, for that matter, did what they could to prevent it.

As with any type of personal injury litigation, a victim is naturally going to pursue all possible avenues of compensation, and this can include the business that sponsored the outdoor activity or that supplied the gear for the activity.

As avid sports enthusiasts as well as attorneys, the professionals at our law office understand the importance of the sporting industry to this state and also appreciate the time and effort that individual business owners undergo to keep their life’s work afloat.

We have worked hard in the past to protect members of the sporting industry from unfairly being held accountable for an accident that really is someone else’s responsibility. We can serve to advise and assist these businesses both in working to prevent liability in the first place and defending against any allegations following an accident.