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Colorado principal recovering from snowboarding accident

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Skiing Accidents

A principal of an elementary school in the Denver area continues to recover from a snowboarding accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down several months ago. Her recovery has been quite remarkable in that she was able to return to work, at least part time, after her accident. Since that time, she has even been able to return to her skiing through a specialized program that allows people with spinal cord injuries to enjoy the slopes.

Thanks to the support of an organization, she was also able to have her home adapted for her special needs as she continues to recover from her injury, an injury which, despite her optimism, admittedly changed her life. While her recovery has in many respects been inspiring, there is no doubt that it has been a long, difficult road for her. There is also no doubt that it involved a lot of expense, not all of which would be covered by insurance payments.

It is for this reason that we bring this story to the attention of our Dillon, Colorado readers, as well as all of those who enjoy what the great outdoors of Rocky Mountains offers. As this principal’s case illustrates, skiing and snowboarding accidents often involve more than just a few cuts and bruises or even broken bones. Traumatic brain injuries or, as in the case of this woman, a debilitating spinal cord injury can be the fallout from serious skiing accidents.

While in some cases, these types of accidents just come with the territory, in others, they can be traced to the negligence of another skier or other person with whom the victim was sharing the slopes. In these sorts of cases, compensation may be available through a personal injury lawsuit.