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Many shopping-related injuries are preventable

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Premises Liability

Dillon is a well-known location for skiers and snowmobilers to visit since it is centrally located in the midst of different Colorado ski slopes and recreational areas. In the summer, Dillon also has a lot to offer those who want to take advantage of the cooler mountain air.

From time to time, though, tourists and even locals are going to want to take a break from the outdoor activities and perhaps visit one of the many retail stores either in Dillon itself or in one of the other nearby towns.

While one might think of a store as a safe place, at least relative to a mountain, one can in fight rather easily get hurt at a store as well, even while doing a very innocent activity while shopping. Slips-and-falls, injuries to one’s head and the like are fairly common at retail stores and shops.

It should be pointed out, moreover, than many of these types of injuries are preventable when the shopkeeper takes the necessary precautions for doing so. For instance, many slips-and-falls or trips-and-falls happen because of defective or poorly lit flooring, both problems the owner of the business, or the landlord, have an obligation to fix before someone gets hurt.

At other times, a customer slips because a floor is wet, and therefore slick, because water has been tracked in to the store because of wet or wintry weather or even because a customer spilled a drink. These slick spots are hazardous if not promptly cleaned up. Even escalators that don’t work correctly can cause a slip.

A person who gets hurt because of a dangerous condition one of this area’s retail stores may be able to get compensation for his injuries through a personal injury claim allegiant premises liability.