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Skiing season is starting soon

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Skiing Accidents

Every winter, thousands of Colorado residents and others from around the country and even world visit this state’s many ski slopes.

Especially given that snow has been in the forecast in nearby Denver, people could be wondering exactly when the slopes will be opening up again and if it is possible that they will open early.

Based on the current outlook, it seems that some resorts will be able to open in the upcoming week or two, while many others will be opening up in early to mid-November. In short, this year’s skiing season is upon us.

While this is an exciting time for many people, especially those who love Alpine skiing, it is also a good time for people to be mindful of everyone’s safety on the slopes. Skiing accidents, after all, can be very serious, and in the most serious cases, they can cause brain damage, paralysis or even death.

It is therefore important for would-be skiers, especially beginners, to be certain they are able to navigate downhill safely and without colliding with others. All skiers have an obligation to move slowly and carefully down busy ski slopes and to pay attention to what they are doing, just as they would when driving a car.

In some cases, such as when one simply slips and falls or goes out of control, the victim may have to live with the fact that skiing is a risky sport and accidents can happen. However, many accidents on the slopes happen because another skier was not being careful. They may, for instance, ski too fast as they are weaving between people or they may not yield to another skier when wooded trails come together.