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How effective are a new car’s safety features?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the benefits of buying a new car these days is that it is likely to come equipped with some modern safety features that are designed to prevent collisions.

At least according to one study, these features do indeed save lives and also keep people healthy. For instance, blind spot warning features, which inform drivers of a car lingering where the driver could not see it, reportedly will prevent 318,000 motor vehicle accidents each year, saving 274 lives and preventing 89,000 injuries.

If one trusts the statistics, devices designed to prevent forward collisions save even more lives, preventing 4,739 fatalities and, it should be mentioned, 884,000 non-fatal injuries.

However, if there is any danger to these devices, it is that drivers will rely too heavily on them, oftentimes without really understanding what they can and cannot do. Even the designers of this equipment freely acknowledge that it cannot stop all accidents, and the equipment is certainly no license for distracted driving or other dangerous behavior.

Sadly, some drivers, including drivers in Dillon and the mountains west of Denver, have not gotten this message. Nearly 1 in 4 drivers, for instance, believed that they could comfortably engage in some other activity while still driving, such as texting, just because their vehicle would respond if there were a problem.

Moreover, the study noted a lot of confusion among drivers about whether their vehicle would actually stop to prevent a forward collision or whether it would merely warn the driver to stop the vehicle.

Even with the advent of better safety equipment on cars, it is still imperative that Colorado motorists drive carefully and only rely on their vehicle’s technology as a helpful tool. If they do not driver carefully, they may still cause an accident for which they will probably be financially responsible.