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Colorado motorcyclist struck by car, driver flees scene

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Police in a major city in Colorado or searching for the driver of a sedan who hit a motorcyclist, leaving the motorcyclist with serious injuries.

According to reports, police received word of an accident involving a motorcycle at an intersection. However, by the time police made it to the scene of the accident, the driver of the passenger vehicle involved had left. The motorcyclist had suffered what police described as serious injuries, and rescue workers took the motorcyclist to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Officers are continuing to investigate and are searching for the driver of the other vehicle involved in this accident. According to the information they were able to gather, the driver of the passenger car pulled out of a private business and hit the motorcycle while the motorcycle was in the intersection. Typically, drivers in parking lots and on private property yield to motorists already traveling on the road.

Although it happened south of the Dillion and Denver areas, this motorcycle accident still illustrates a couple of important points that local victims of motorcycle accidents should remember as they try to put their lives together.

First, drivers of other vehicles have a particularly important duty to watch out for motorcyclists, and this is true when they are pulling out of their own homes or out of a business, just as much as it is true when they are actually on the road or in a major intersection. When motorist fail in this duty and injure a motorcyclist, they may owe compensation.

Second, it is unfortunate that some motorists will try to avoid responsibility by leaving the scene after hitting a motorcyclist. While the best outcome is when police find these sorts of drivers, if they are not located, a motorcyclist may still have an option to recover compensation depending on the terms and conditions of his or her own insurance policy.