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Get in shape for skiing to stay safe (and alive) this season

People often say they use different muscles for skiing than they use for other activities. People also say skiing is about having control as you fly down the slopes. You are trying to control your body while gliding down snowy hills and mountains on wax-covered skis, made of material designed to slide and move quickly. To have control under these conditions, you need to be in top physical condition.

So how do we get those muscles ready to be used again after the off-season?

Safety tips for driving through Colorado mountains

According to the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO), visitors to the state continue to break records. In 2016, Colorado drew 82.4 million visitors (statistics from CTO). However, with so many out-of-town visitors, this means more people driving in unfamiliar mountainous areas, which can be dangerous.

Here are a few tips to remember when driving in and around the Colorado Rockies.

How effective are a new car's safety features?

One of the benefits of buying a new car these days is that it is likely to come equipped with some modern safety features that are designed to prevent collisions.

At least according to one study, these features do indeed save lives and also keep people healthy. For instance, blind spot warning features, which inform drivers of a car lingering where the driver could not see it, reportedly will prevent 318,000 motor vehicle accidents each year, saving 274 lives and preventing 89,000 injuries.

Colorado motorcyclist struck by car, driver flees scene

Police in a major city in Colorado or searching for the driver of a sedan who hit a motorcyclist, leaving the motorcyclist with serious injuries.

According to reports, police received word of an accident involving a motorcycle at an intersection. However, by the time police made it to the scene of the accident, the driver of the passenger vehicle involved had left. The motorcyclist had suffered what police described as serious injuries, and rescue workers took the motorcyclist to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Teen traffic deaths up recently in Colorado

Motor vehicle accidents sometimes claim the lives of teens. Unfortunately, statistics point to such tragedies being more common lately here in Colorado.

According to state numbers, 67 teens lost their lives in traffic accidents in the state last year. This was biggest annual total in the last decade.

Pedestrians versus cars: what to do if you’re in an accident

A pedestrian’s right of way does not always guarantee safety. Drivers and pedestrians alike do not always pay attention and they can misunderstand a road sign or hand gesture. While both parties often try to follow the rules and avoid accidents, accidents do still happen.

Colorado has seen an increase in auto accidents involving pedestrians. Some of the most recent resulted in serious injuries and a fatality. While these are extreme cases, there are still risks of smaller incidents that could cause injuries.

Skiing in Colorado: Rights & responsibilities on the slope

Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the world to ski. Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Breckenridge -- the names are synonymous with enthralling, well-groomed slopes.

While riding your favorite mountain, though, you must keep your wits about you, as skiing has many associated dangers. In Colorado, skiing-specific laws define what your responsibilities are and what you can expect if you're injured while skiing.

Do's and don'ts after a car accident in Colorado

Car accidents can happen to even the safest drivers. A moment of inattention, extreme weather conditions or another driver's negligence can change your life in a moment. The seconds following a car accident are distorted and disorienting, so it's important to have thought through the scenario ahead of time. If you're ever involved in a car accident in Colorado, here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind. 

What happens if you crash the rental car?

Summer's not quite over yet. Tourists are still taking advantage of the great hikes, climbs and trails the Gore Range of the Colorado Rockies has to offer.

Many tourists make the trek from Denver to Dillon by rental car. If you're one of them, you're maybe wondering what happens if you get into a car accident on vacation?

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