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One Lawyer’s Crusade to Make Watersports Safer for All

2014 (Fall Issue) Waterski- One Lawyer's Crusade to Make Waterpsorts Safer for All... more


25 Feb 2013

Injury Claims Resulting from 8′ Grease Clog Barred by Pollution Exclusion

Reversing a lower court ruling, the Colorado supreme court, in... more

22 Jan 2013

Colorado Supreme Court Eliminates Sudden Emergency Doctrine

In Bedor v. Johnson, the Colorado Supreme Court overruled prior... more


Law Firm In Summit County, Colorado

The Rietz Law Firm brings big firm experience, small firm attention, and proven results to its clients.  Powered by passion for our clients, we are driven to find efficient, expeditious and economical solutions to client problems and to achieve their goals.  Our client centered approach on matters large and small means we have only one measure of success – surpassing client expectations in achieving the best results possible.
Experience, commitment, and success – these are the driving principles behind Rietz Law Firm. With years of unmatched service, our law firm in Summit County, Colorado provides solutions to help clients with their legal problems. From insurance settlements, divorce cases, to risk management, our attorneys will provide professional guidance to achieve your goals.
Providing High Standard Service
Rietz Law Firm is home to experienced lawyers, many of whom are recognized in their fields. Our legal experts go the extra mile to handle a range of legal matters and go beyond client expectations. Dedicated, confident, and passionate in attaining success, our attorneys work on a client-centric approach to achieve results.
Focusing on a Wider Client Reach
Our practice makes sure that our services are accessible for all those needing legal assistance. In line with this, we have widened our scope to reach clients throughout the country, including Colorado, Florida, and New York. Our attorneys are always ready to provide advice, relay information, and contribute to law reform for the benefit of our clients.
Rietz Law Firm places great value on the early resolution of legal problems, which drives our practice to provide intensive and proactive legal services. Contact us to set an appointment with our lawyers. We’d be more than glad to address any concern about our services.

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